Circuit Court Clerk

20 N. Public Square
Judicial Building
Murfreesboro, TN 37130

Juvenile Clerk's Office
P: (615) 898-7972
F: (615) 217-7120

General Sessions
Civil Division

P: (615) 217-0069
F: (615) 898-7801

General Sessions
Criminal Division

P: (615) 898-7831
F: (615) 898-7835

Circuit Court Civil Division
P: (615) 898-7820
F: (615) 217-7118

Circuit Court Criminal Division
P: (615) 898-7812
F: (615) 217-7119

Collections Office
P: (615) 849-5737
F: (615) 217-7118

Code of Conduct


All persons appearing before the Court shall be appropriately dressed and are required to show deference to the Court in both appearance and demeanor.

Appropriate dress includes but is not limited to the following:

All shirts shall be tucked in and worn with long pants and a belt
No shorts
Pants shall be pulled up to the waist, with the belt clearly visible
No sagging pants
No underwear shall be visible
No see-through clothing; no mesh shirts
No bare midriffs; no skin shall be visible between the shirt and the pants or skirt
No low-cut tops; no tube tops; no tank tops; no halter tops; no open backs
No sundresses; no spaghetti straps
No Spandex
No slogans on the seat of the pants
No flip-flops
No head coverings
No offensive clothing
No piercings except in ears
No tattoos shall be visible
No gang-related or gang-inspired clothing, coloring, accessories, or hairstyles



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