Circuit Court Clerk

20 N. Public Square
Judicial Building
Murfreesboro, TN 37130

Juvenile Clerk's Office
P: (615) 898-7972
F: (615) 217-7120

General Sessions
Civil Division

P: (615) 217-0069
F: (615) 898-7801

General Sessions
Criminal Division

P: (615) 898-7831
F: (615) 898-7835

Circuit Court Civil Division
P: (615) 898-7820
F: (615) 217-7118

Circuit Court Criminal Division
P: (615) 898-7812
F: (615) 217-7119

Collections Office
P: (615) 849-5737
F: (615) 217-7118

What Does A Circuit Court Clerk Do?

The Rutherford County Circuit Court Clerk is an elected official who serves for a term of four years and is responsible for all filings, processing and final disposition of cases, which include several phases of the Civil and Criminal law procedures in the Juvenile, General Sessions (Civil & Criminal), Circuit Civil and Circuit Criminal Courts. The Circuit Court Clerk employs Chief Deputies and several deputy clerks in each court in order to fulfill the requirement to attend court sessions and perform all clerical functions of each court.

Why Do I Have to Pay Court Costs?

Unlike many divisions of the county government the court clerks’ office does not rely on tax dollars for its daily operations. The monies collected from court costs are used to pay for all salaries, supplies and other expenses required to run the clerks’ office and then the excess generated is provided to the county general fund to assist in other county expenses.

How Can I Pay My Court Costs?

At this time the only means of payment is cash, money order, or local check. Included in the preparation for the future with our new case management software we are working on being able to accept "plastic." We will make this exciting announcement right here on this page once this form of payment is available.

How Are the Records Being Preserved?

The Circuit Court Clerk, in conjunction with the Register of Deeds, has undertaken a major records retention project in order to preserve the records of the court. All of the minute books in Circuit Court and Juvenile Court have been scanned, indexed and microfilmed. These records are being securely stored in multiple locations.

How is the Clerks' Office Preparing for the Future?

The Clerks’ Office is in the configuration phase of an exciting new case management software system which will digitally store all aspects of the case and will allow for much easier document storage and retrieval. This will ease the workload on the deputy clerks and streamline the process.

No purses allowed in the judicial building

How Do I Prepare For Visiting the Judicial Building and Juvenile Services Building?

When you visit the court buildings there are some important things to be aware of before you get out of your car. There is a no weapon policy, this includes any pocket knife. There is also a no purse/bag policy. This includes purses, briefcases, diaper bags, backpacks, fanny packs, lunch bags. You may bring in your wallet, keys, phone. You will also need to go through a security check point. Be prepared to remove your belt, empty your pockets and walk through a scanner. Being prepared for those things in advance will make your visit much easier.

Can the Clerks Provide Legal Advice?

This office is unable by law to provide legal advice to individuals. As a result, if you believe you have a matter requiring legal assistance or advice, you should seek the assistance of a private attorney. Failure to commence legal action within certain time frames may bar you from obtaining legal relief. Therefore, you should act quickly to consult with an attorney to review your rights.

Feel free to contact the Rutherford County Clerks of Court if you have any further questions.

If you have Probate concerns please contact the County Clerk's Office.


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